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LakVin is the prominent Online Rebar Detailing Institute in Pune, India. LakVin trains in rebar detailing based on British Standards to civil engineering students and professionals.


LakVin is a team of professional civil engineers and experienced Rebar Detailing Managers having more than 25 years of work experience with the UK and Australian consultants and construction companies. LakVin will train the civil engineering students to develop extra understanding in the design and construction field based on British Standards. LakVin understands that the Ideas and technic of Rebar Detailing that are sharing with the students will make a huge impact in the field of designing and construction. LakVin strives to make sure our training reflects such high standards in Rebar Detailing.

LakVin Rebar Detailing Institute aims to impart quality training in the field of designing and construction. ​This training will enhance the students to develop their career in this stream. After completing the course, the students can confidently present the interviews and apply for the Structural Designer jobs, and also for the post of Rebar Detailing Engineer, Checking Engineer & Project Managers in various multinational companies in India, UK, US and the Middle East. LakVin will provide 100% placement assistance for the students.

LakVin was established in 2019 with a key determination to provide the design concept and practical knowledge of Rebar Detailing to civil engineers. This institute is rising progressively as one of the top-notch Rebar Detailing Institute in India. LakVin encourages and gives better technical knowledge for students to excel in the highly volatile marketplace.

Introduction to Rebar Detailing

Rebar, also know as reinforcement steel, is a steel bar used in reinforced concrete to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension. The structural engineer is responsible for determining what rebar content is needed in each component of the structure, starting with the footings and working up. Their calculations reveal the size, spacing, zoning, layering of the bar, and other crucial data. These calculations show what they need in the concrete for it to hold out. Site people are not able to work from these types of information, so it’s the Rebar Detailer’s job to prepare the rebar drawings, interpret the data, and create rebar drawings that are more practical in the field.

The objective of Rebar Detailing is to provide a working document on structural concrete that can be used to interpret the designer’s instructions in the form of drawings and schedules for communicating to the site. Rebar Detailing is a detailed construction engineering process, usually done by structural engineering consultants or contractors to prepare a rebar placing drawing and a Bar Bending Schedule. Qualified and experienced Rebar Detailers are required to do Rebar Detailing.

Rebar Detailing plays an important role in construction to resist the collapse of the buildings from the defective connection or detailing.

Benefits Of Rebar Detailing

To speed up the construction work, ease to place the rebar on-site, upturn the quality of work, error-free work, avoid the congestion of reinforcement, increase the strength of the structure and reduce the cost of construction

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